Messages of Chairperson


PHILOSOPHIA An English Medium & English Version School has been established with the prime philosophy of imparting quality education and good character building. Our aim is to meet the high demand of quality education not only in the Narayanganj but also in the field of English Medium education all over the country. As such, our quality, philosophy and standard are always being tested and tried to keep up to the demand of the new millennium. We gather the best possible resources for providing the best guide to proper education, set up research teams for constant up-grading of resources & materials and maintain a constant vigil on the techniques and methods on the ever changing world of modern education.

The present curriculum is modernized in light of the state-of-the-art pattern of imparting education. We make the best possible adjustments in contrast to the international standards of education and introduce suitable techniques accredited by the pedantic geniuses and institutions.

The learner’s interest is the center of all our activities. Our efforts are aimed at nurturing the child’s knowledge and bringing for the latent qualities that every child is blessed with. We aim to build their self-confidence so that they form a strong belief within themselves as worthy competitors in their respective discipline / domain.

We indulge in flourishing the child’s knowledge and wisdom by providing them full comprehensive subject knowledge and through successful participation in multifarious co-curricular activities. The prime aim is to provide continuous nourishment to the inborn qualities of the child in a favorable environment.

The environment along with all concerned authorities (management and administration) is carefully tailored and trained. Their attitudes and activities are designed as such that every learner finds the best possible road to exercise the cream of human qualities that make them disciplined, punctual, active, cultured, reasoning-minded and attain a strong character. They learn WHAT TO BE, WHY TO BE and HOW TO BE. 

May the Almighty bless us in our inspirations to establish our philosophy.




PHILOSOPHIA An English Medium & English Version School